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​jingle radio la boite noire le club

Détails du produit

Jingle radio la boite noire le club

La boite noire le club
Voici le pack de 10 jingles au son du club

Démo jingle radio
Creer maintenant sur votre radio votre emission de mix qui s’appelle club
Pour vous ce petit pack qui habille votre mix de votre emission
Les jingles du pack

jingle radio

jingle gratos

1 heure de musique le club
Le mix du club
Écoute tu es dans le club
Plus, de son plus de mix
Plus, de mix le club
Dans le club ton dj est en live
Le club le mix clignote clignote
Bienvenue dans le club
Le club
Partout dans le monde la musique du club

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Now Available: HostLegends VPS – Faster, Better, Safer Hosting.

Now Available: HostLegends VPS – Faster, Better, Safer Hosting.
First To Market, « SafeShell » Based Hosting Technology Lets You Host Unlimited Websites & Domains On Ultra-Fast & Secured VPS Servers Without Any Monthly Fees Ever!
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VPS Servers mean you can work with more traffic, safer, faster, more reliable, and the perfect solution for high-performance marketers.
HostLegends VPS

HostLegends VPS easy

Virtual Private Servers

Normally VPS Hosting is a hefty monthly fee, as it should be, because the servers required to hold that are much more expensive and rare than normal shared hosting.
We already revolutionized normal hosting with our SafeShell based technology, but now, We are introducing VPS safeshell hosting, for over 90% off and no monthly fees for new year’s!

Yes, you got that just right.

HostLegends VPS

It’s simple, uncomplicated & requires no rocket science to understand.

By using ultra fast website hosting, you can go beyond the normal & have everything in your marketing arsenal to provide an unforgettable customer experience that gets them glued to your offers for days, weeks, months or even years to come.

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Créer vos cours en ligne et gagner de l’argent

Course Funnels est la plate-forme en ligne révolutionnaire qui permet à quiconque de créer et de vendre facilement des cours en ligne.

Il apporte aux étudiants une expérience d’apprentissage de haut niveau tout en offrant aux créateurs une puissante plate-forme de vente.

Des dizaines de modèles prêts à l’emploi pour tout
CourseFunnels est livré avec des dizaines de modèles et de conceptions prêts à l’emploi. Vous pouvez simplement prendre une page et la modifier à votre guise dans le puissant constructeur de page en quelques minutes.

Thèmes de cours 100% modifiables. Ainsi, chaque cours que vous créez peut avoir son aspect unique avec votre image de marque.

Modèles de pages de destination et de vente que vous pouvez modifier et vendre vos cours efficacement.

Modèles de pages Optin & Squeeze pour vous aider à saisir plus de prospects. Vous pouvez offrir n’importe quel bonus ou même des cours aux personnes qui s’inscrivent.
Une expérience incroyable pour vos élèves
Nous avons construit CourseFunnels en utilisant une énorme quantité d’apprentissage, de création et de vente de nos propres cours. Vos élèves obtiennent l’expérience parfaite.

Créer votre entreprise de cours en ligne

Maintenant avec le logiciel CoursFunnels

Système de connexion et d’accès puissant. Vous pouvez décider à quelles sections vos élèves ont accès, et même débloquer des leçons sur paiement supplémentaire (gains supplémentaires).

Les étudiants peuvent reprendre la lecture du cours exactement là où ils l’ont laissé.

Expérience d’apprentissage riche avec devoirs, quiz, interactions et plusieurs types de documents pris en charge.
Créez vos pages de vente de cours et des entonnoirs entiers dans CourseFunnels
Créez des pages de destination et de vente incroyables pour vos cours et créez des entonnoirs entiers avec des ventes incitatives et des ventes avenues. Vos cours peuvent verrouiller et déverrouiller des chapitres et des fonctionnalités en fonction des produits achetés par vos étudiants.

Imaginez vendre des chapitres et des sections comme des ventes incitatives et débloquer une valeur supplémentaire
Saisissez les prospects Optin et disposez vos cours instantanément
Vous voulez plus de prospects? Créez des cadeaux de cours avec vos propres cours ou contenu PLR et livrez-les instantanément lorsque les étudiants s’inscrivent.

CourseFunnels fournit automatiquement vos cours à vos prospects lorsqu’ils s’inscrivent.
Soyez payé en utilisant n’importe quel système de paiement que vous voulez
CourseFunnels intègre tous les principaux systèmes de paiement. Vendez en utilisant les principaux processeurs de cartes de crédit, PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, ou utilisez des paniers de paiement et des systèmes de marketing d’affiliation comme JvZoo, WarriorPlus, Paykickstart.
Configurer des séquences marketing avec le répondeur automatique intégré
CourseFunnels dispose d’un répondeur automatique puissant intégré. Vous pouvez configurer des séquences de courrier ou même envoyer des courriers à vos élèves pour promouvoir d’autres produits.




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Make AddRespones Your New Revenue Source

Make AddRespones Your New Revenue Source
Facebook Advertisers & Marketers Need
AddResponse Sell It & Keep All You Make
You can make sales using AddResponse without running a single Facebook or Instagram ad, without having a single product to sell, in fact, even if you don’t even have a Facebook or Instagram profile.

It’s true.

You could be driving sales in the next 24 hours. Banking big and giving your customers a really powerful, fresh solution to a problem that they face every day.


Bring the AddResponse opportunity to other people.

Your marketer friends NEED AddResponse. They need to get more traffic from Facebook & YouTube. They need every sale and every lead that they can get.

AddResponse is the most powerful tool in an advertiser’s toolset. The only way they can hope to keep their comments thread clean and the keep the ads really working.

You’ve bought it. You love it and now you can sell it and earn a profit from it. Not just once, but month- after-crazy-month.

Démo AddResponse

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Sendiio Elite package

Sendiio Elite package

Get FASTER, Higher and more RELIABLE Delivery By Using OUR SMTP account, Seasoned IP Address and Powerful Servers To Send Your Campaigns…

What if you could bypass all the technical set up of setting up your SMTP, having to deal with settings in your cpanel and having to install snippets of code etc?

Setting up ALL the technical aspects inside of your account can be a REAL NIGHTMARE if you’re NOT tech savvy even though we walk you through every step of the process inside of the Sendiio members area.

Also, with the main account that you already purchased, we greatly recommend that you slowly warm up your account over time so that the IP address that you’ll be sending from doesn’t get blocked by the major Email Service Providers and prevents your emails from being delivered!


But what if you could bypass ALL of that?

What if you can login to Sendiio and start using it right away by leveraging our seasoned IP address and SMTP servers?
On this page you can access our Sendiio Elite package where you’ll be using OUR servers and SMTP details to send your campaigns – just like ALL the other major autoresponders like Aweber and Get Response!

All You Have To Do Is Literally

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Create Your Online Courses Business With The All-In-One Courses & Trainings Platform


Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, e-learning was growing at an unprecedented pace.

The pandemic taught people to stay at home and do everything at home, most of all, learn at home. E-learning is the fastest growing industry online. This is the right time to jump in and grab your share of this lucrative market by creating and selling courses online.

CourseFunnels is the breakthrough online platform that enables anyone to create and sell courses online easily.

It brings students a high-class experience in learning while giving creators a powerful sales platform.
Tried & Tested Platform Used By Over 5,000 Customers
CourseFunnels is built on the same platform as CloudFunnels. Used by over 5,000 users and improved day after day. This is the most robust and powerful builder platform available to you.

You will be setting up your courses and your landing pages in no time at all with the power of CourseFunnels.
Dozens Of Readymade Templates For Everythings
CourseFunnels comes with dozens of ready-made templates and designs. You can just pick up a page and modify it to your liking inside the powerful page builder in minutes.

100% modifiable Course themes. So each course you make can have its unique look and feel with your branding.

Landing and sales page templates that you can modify and sell your courses effectively.

Optin & Squeeze pages templates to help you grab more leads. You can deliver any bonus or even courses to the people who opt in.

Demo CourseFunnels

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Create Your Own High-Converting ECom Store In Just A Few Clicks & Sell Anything, Anywhere


Find a niche you love
Or even multiple niches that you are passionate about
You can sell anything online, from food to fashion; electronics, vehicles, components, handicrafts. Anything that you can think of, can be sold online.
Setup your Ecommerce store
Pick your design and fill up your store with products
Your ecom store should complement your customers persona and your niche. Think about what they are looking for and pick your theme appropriately.
Drive traffic and start selling
Get fresh customers the way you want
Drive traffic from ads, from your existing social media accounts or your blog. Start selling and acquiring customers for your products.

Sell more & more with email
Bring back existing customers through email marketing
Send offers, discount coupons, cart reminders and more.
Use email to bring existing customers again and again and keep them buying.

Start Your Ecom Store With ShopFunnels
Save Money & Build A Better Store
It Is 1-Click, 2-Click, Easy!

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Unlimited E-com Stores, Professional Email Marketing, Sales-Boosting Plugins & MORE!

Unlimited E-com Stores, Professional   Email Marketing,  Sales-Boosting Plugins & MORE!

SUPERPOWER #1 Create Unlimited Shops (Elite only has 3)

The Elite version of ShopFunnels only creates 3 E-com stores. That’s great if you are going to run a micro-business, but you will run out very fast if you want to experiment with different ideas and niches, or you want to work with clients. ShopFunnels pro !

A true professional need all the leverage they can get. With the Pro version you get unlimited E-Com stores.

You can install it on Unlimited domains or subdomains and scale up as much as you want.

Don’t miss out on unlimited e-com funnels. Get it with ShopFunnels pro !



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Kick Start Simple 7-Minute Agency Services to Website Owners »¦LEGELSUITES

Analyse, Detect, & Fix Deadly Legal Flaws
on Your Website & For Clients Just by
Copy-Pasting a Single Line of Code
Charge BIG For Fixing Deadly Law Issues In Minutes Like ADA, GDPR, Policies,
T&C & More | No Coding | 100% Newbie Friendly
All In One Platform To Start Serving Website Owners & Developers For The Website’s Legal Compliance As Per International Laws To Save Them From Law Suits.
Legelsuites  Generate Legal Compliance Like GDPR, ADA, Privacy Policy, and other Legal Documents
with just a click of a Button in 60 Second Flat. LEGELSUITES

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Sell Videoseeder Accounts. Keep 100%

Become a Videoseeder Agency buyer and you can sell Videoseeder accounts with Elite or Pro level access.

Yes, the customers you bring will get all the features according to the Agency plan you buy.

We charge $100s of dollars before our customers get that access when they buy directly.

How much can you charge?

Sell at a yearly fee, or charge every month. It’s totally up to you.

You make the sale yourself. Nothing is routed through us. Get your customers to pay you using Paypal, bank, Bitcoin or anything you want.

Create their account using our Agency administrator console and they are ready to go.