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Make Money Copywriting

Make Money Copywriting

Description: There are many advantages to starting an online copywriting business.

Proficient copywriters can charge high hourly rates & determine their own hours.

Writing is a passion for many people and most of these people dream of finding a career that would allow them to support

themselves using their writing talents while also working independently. If you are one of these people

, a copywriting business may be perfect for you. After all, what better than turning a passion in to a

means of income, whether it be full-time or part-time? Copywriting is producing material for

advertising and announcements, such as content for websites, brochures or print ads, as well as composing press releases.

Benefits of Owning a Copywriting Business

Make Money Copywriting

• Copywriting is a completely independent industry. Aside from the project manager providing

your assignments, you work alone. This appeals to many who do not like answering to others

or having to modify their work according to those with whom they are forced to work.
• The advertising industry is huge, meaning that if you find a good project manager, you will

have a constant flow of work resulting in regular income.
• Copywriting allows you to think and express yourself much more than other businesses.

Make Money Copywriting

Though you will have guidelines and specifications, there will be some room for individuality in your work.
• With a copywriting business you will have the freedom to decide how much you work and for how long. You can adjust

your workload simply by adding more project managers or choosing not to accept further projects.
• With this freedom of hours also comes a potential freedom of income. If you remain a freelance writer you will

be able to determine your own pay rate.
• This type of work is ideal for people needing to earn an income but also take care

of other responsibilities. Deadlines generally cover a day or more, meaning that you can choose when within this period to do the actual work. This is perfect for parents who want to work only when their children are at school or sleeping.
• Because this business does not require any form of inventory, there is very low overhead.

Start-up Costs

Make Money Copywriting

Even creative, independent businesses incur some start-up costs. Most of these, however, are easily

accessible and should not present any obstacle in beginning a copywriting business.

• You will need a computer with word processing software. For some project managers

you will need to turn in actual hard copies of work, therefore you will need a printer and paper.

It is easy to find projects, though, that can be submitted online.
• Having dependable and fast internet access allows you to find jobs, submit work and do any necessary

research efficiently. Most homes already have internet access, but if you do not want to invest in it, it is possible

to use free wi-fi spots or libraries. This just limits your availability and freedom.
• If you do not want to go through general freelancing sources looking for jobs, you can start your own

website advertising your services. The cost of a website can range from a free basic site with a shared host to

a private plan costing around $10 per month. Having your own site can bring in a tremendous amount of

work regularly.
• Along with maintaining your own site, promoting your services through internet advertising channels

, as well as print methods, will give potential customers the opportunity to find you and engage in your services.

The cost of this advertising depends on the source of the advertising as well as the extent.

Earning Potential

Make Money Copywriting

Starting a copywriting business can be a fantastic way to generate regular income

using your creative skills and talents, while also controlling your hours and effort.

• You must decide whether to create rates based on a per-hour scale or on a per-job

basis. You may also consider having prepared rates for both scales so that you can appeal to a wider audience.
• There are many freelancing websites available where you can find project managers offering copywriting

opportunities. This is a great way to start writing for profit. It is even possible to earn a good living

completely from freelance opportunities, though it may require working with several project managers.
• Maintaining your own website can provide opportunity for a large customer base and, therefore,

consistent business. It also provides flexibility so that you can choose your work and charge varying

rates depending on the project specifications.
• Copywriting can lead to further writing opportunities if you are consistent and reliable. Some project managers will have access to ghostwriting and article writing jobs that will give you a fuller range of topics. You can also use your copywriting experience as reference when applying for larger writing opportunities further in your career.

For someone with a love and talent for writing, finding a lucrative career in the field can be a dream. Starting a copywriting business can allow you to do what you enjoy, utilizing your skills, while also generating an income on your own flexible schedule.


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