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Make Money On Christmas

Make Money On Christmas

Description: Christmas is not only a jolly time but also a time of spending. Learn about this holiday business model and the income potential that may shock you.

The months leading up to Christmas can be the most expensive and stressful of the entire year.

They can also be the slowest time of year for small businesses. There is, however, as way to work around both of these problems and make this the jolliest Christmas season ever.

Starting a Christmas light installation business can help you make money during Christmas providing a service for others preparing to celebrate the season.

Benefits of Making Money Installing Christmas Lights

• Installing Christmas lights does not have to be a difficult task, it is simply time-consuming, which is why many people hire others to do it for them.

Make Money On Christmas

• Even small jobs can offer a few hundred dollars’ of profit, meaning if you perform even a few jobs a week you can create a substantial income.
• Installing Christmas lights is a small business you can add to an existing career. You can do jobs on weekends, during evenings, or whenever you have a gap in your schedule to make extra money.
• Because Christmas light installation jobs are paid for up-front you don’t start working until you see the money. This is highly motivating and eliminates risk of not getting paid.
• Installing Christmas lights for other people is a way to spread the spirit and joy of the holiday season, which is a great mood booster.
• If you are a very creative person you can offer highly elaborate and specialized services that will net you even greater profits.

Make Money On Christmas

Start-up Costs

Starting any small business will require some start-up costs. Though a Christmas lights installation business does carry some of these costs,

you can easily make these expenditures back with just a few jobs.
• You will need to provide your own installation equipment such as ladders, clips, a staple gun and others to ensure the equipment you

are using is safe and appropriate for the job.
• Some form of advertising will let customers know you are offering this seasonal service. A website is particularly effective

but you can also take advantage of fliers, business cards, post cards and yard signage.
• One of the best ways to draw in new customers is to have a beautifully decorated home yourself.

This allows you to not only advertise to neighbors and potential customers but also practice your installation skills.

This means you have to pay for these decorations and installation tools before you begin.

Earning Potential

Make Money On Christmas

As a luxury service, a Christmas light installation business appeals to people who not only don’t have the time to decorate their

homes for the holidays, but have the money to pay someone to do it. By offering your services early and avidly,

you can take advantage of this opportunity and greatly increase your holiday season earnings. While this side business is great

for the holiday season, be aware that most people will be only able to use it as a means to earn extra income.

If you perform extremely well, though, it could provide an annual-worthy income.

• Simple light installations are fast and easy, but can bring in $300 profit each. If you are capable of performing two of these a day,

even just on the weekends, you can make an additional $1,200 per week. Do more and your income will just increase.

Make Money On Christmas

• More elaborate decorating jobs take longer and more effort but they can also carry a heavy price tag.

Performing high-quality jobs will ensure pleased customers and enthusiastic referrals.
• Christmas light installation is really only limited by your creativity. The more elaborate and amazing your displays become,

the more you can charge and the more impressed your customers will be. Truly standing out among other installers means

more customers and more money.

Make Money On Christmas

• You don’t have to just focus on private residences. Look at small stores, apartment complexes and public

areas for opportunities to install Christmas light displays.
• If you already have a small business, especially one involving something like

lawn maintenance, you can use established customers as your first leads.

Christmas is a beautiful, exciting time but if you are worried about not having the money to do all the things you hope

for, the season can be marred. Starting a Christmas light installation business can provide

you the additional income you need, and even generate enough revenue to provide a cushion for the rest of the year.


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