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Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Description: Opening up a pizza restaurant can be an extremely profitable business. Learn to read about the costs, earning potential, and other information.

It is a well-known fact that people love pizza. The average American alone eats an average of 23 pounds of pizza per year.

If you are considering taking advantage of this tried-and-true restaurant type, there are some considerations that

must be made and steps that must be taken in order to ensure success.

Benefits of Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

While it is like starting any other restaurant in many ways, opening a pizzeria has its own elements to plan and decisions to be made.

• In the very beginning you must decide whether you wish to open your own independent pizza shop or a franchise.

If you choose a franchise, most of the other considerations and planning elements will not apply as they will be taken care of by the parent company.
• Do you want to deliver, offer only carry-out, have a dining room, or a combination of all three?

Most people love the simple luxury and convenience of being able to call in and have a pizza delivered to them,

but offering other options can appeal to a wider audience.
• Are you going to be pizza-only or will you offer a fuller menu? A very limited restaurant has little room for growth and will not appeal to some people.

By offering a selection of other items such as stromboli, pasta, salads and desserts,

you are widening your potential customer base and increasing potential for revenue.
• Which is more important to you, quality or speed? It is not a secret that some pizza companies forgo authentic

flavor in favor of a quick turnaround. You must decide if you want to offer more elevated pizza or fast-food type pizza.

This will factor in to your start-up and monthly costs as well as your customer appeal.

Start-Up Costs

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Every business has costs associated with opening. By being properly prepared for these, you can ensure a

smoother first several months and be more likely to enjoy success sooner.

• A location for your restaurant will be one of the first expenses in opening a pizzeria. The cost for this will depend

on where it is, the accessibility and population density among other factors. Once you have chosen your building you may need to

invest in renovation and decor to create the right atmosphere.
• Equipment costs to start a pizza restaurant include pizza ovens, kitchen utensils, refrigeration units, dish washing areas,

and serving ware among others. The cost of this can range between 30 and 150 thousand dollars depending

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

on the size and complexity of your restaurant.
• Food costs can fluctuate dramatically which is why forming a relationship with a food supplier as early on as possible

will be highly beneficial. This will allow you to lock in current pricing on foods such as cheese, flour and produce so that your

profit margin doesn’t suffer when these products increase in price.
• Smaller expenses that need to be considered when opening a pizzeria are legal and licensure fees, advertising,

menu and other paper good printing, and delivery vehicle insignia.

Earning Potential

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

As has already been established, people love pizza, so with a well-implemented business plan, you have

the opportunity to develop a substantial income with your own pizzeria. For investors, it could also pose as an excellent

way to make income on the side with recurring percentages of profit.

• Using high quality ingredients will produce the best product, which will equate to customer loyalty and increased profits.
• Offering discounts can draw in new customers, but when they are used too often and for too long they can dilute your brand name and drastically

reduce your bottom line. Use coupons and promotions cautiously.
• Trying different menu options and formats, such as a lunch buffet, or a carry-out only menu can increase sales and streamline the function of the restaurant,

equating less work and higher revenue, a good balance for a business owner.

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

• Creating a fun environment for your business can give a boost to income. Offering video games, air hockey

or other forms of paid entertainment give customers another reason to come in, a reason to stay longer,

and another avenue of revenue for your restaurant.

Opening a pizzeria can genuinely be a dream come true if it is well-planned and well-executed.

Making wise decisions and not taking for granted to implied simplicity of a pizza parlor can ensure success and independence.


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