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Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Description: A vending machine business can provide residual income for generations to come.

It’s very profitable and has been a viable business for many years.

Everyone knows the appeal of a vending machine. Somehow, even if you aren’t hungry,

you will find yourself drawn to that row of brightly-lit machines full of snacks and drinks.

They are a mainstay for long car trips and in hospital waiting areas. Even schools use them to earn extra money.

Because of their massive popularity, starting a vending machine business can be a great choice if you are looking for an independent career or second income.

Benefits of Owning a Vending Machine Business

• This type of business offers largely passive earning. Other than when you install machines and do your routes to fill them,

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

you are earning money without directly doing anything.
• Vending machines come in a huge variety of sizes and types which means there is one that you will really want to have for your business.
• Vending machines have mass appeal. Most large grocery and even retail stores have at least one

for public use, and several for employee use and nearly all hospitals, schools and other places

with heavy traffic or long waits have banks of vending machines.
• You can constantly change what you offer in your machine to appeal to the largest group of people possible.

If you try something and it doesn’t sell, you just replace it on your next route with something else.

Start-up Costs

When considering starting a business it is important to take into consideration start-up costs. These will impact your budget for

the first several months of operation and are necessary to get yourself going.

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

• There are a huge number of vending machines to choose from. You can select gumball machines, toy machines, sticker and novelty

machines, or the ever popular food and drink machines. The prices of these vary greatly.
• A gumball machine can be purchased for under $200 while a combination food/drink machine can cost over $6,000.
• A home office equipped with a computer, filing area, telephone and scheduling capabilities will help to organize and streamline your

business operations. Most homes already have a computer, but if you have the capital it is a wise investment to purchase one specifically

for business use as it will allow for greater organization and security of information.
• You will need product to fill your machines. These can be purchased independently or through vendors. Take into consideration

the payments accepted by the machine to determine how much you can charge for each item and how much profit you will make for each.
• You will need a vehicle that you can use to deliver the machinery. A van or service truck is best, as it will keep the vending machines protected and secure.
• Advertising your services is a great way to increase your customer base. You can invest in fliers, signs and newspaper advertisements.

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Earning Potential

A small business in the food industry can prove highly lucrative if you know the avenues to follow to achieve success.

On a small scale you can create an income on the side or on a large scale, create a long-lasting, full-time business.

• The amount you make depends on what type of vending machine you choose to have and where you place it. Research the machines

available to determine how much of an investment you are willing to make in order to increase future profits.
• Initial profits will be lower than those later in your business. You must first recoup your start-up costs but then the profits will increase because you

are only making up for the initial product cost when determining profit margin.
• Finding the best location for your vending machine can be hard work but it is crucial to the success of your business. Utilize friends,

family and other connections and make a plan as to where you would like to place machines.
• When placing your machines in another person’s business you must be prepared to offer the owner a portion of your sales in exchange for the opportunity.

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Offering a percentage is wiser than a flat fee because you do not know how profitable your machine will be initially and you don’t want to have to

hand over all of your profits if the machine isn’t successful immediately.
• Because of the variety of machines available you can diversify your business, maximizing your profits by appealing to specific audiences depending on location.

Vending machines are very popular institutions in places where people are forced to wait long periods or just where large numbers of people

pass and are inclined to purchase a snack, drink or toy on impulse. Starting a vending machine business can give you the opportunity to have

an independent business and strong source of income that you can control and modify to fit your needs.


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