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Make Money Washing Cars

Make Money Washing Cars

Description: Do you love cars? Detailing them can be a profitable side job with very low start-up costs.

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People take huge pride in their cars. It seems that many actually define themselves by how fast,

expensive and beautiful their vehicle is. Keeping a car at its peak appearance can be a difficult undertaking which is why

a lot of people take their cars to professionals for cleaning and detailing. Starting a car detailing business can

allow you to enjoy your passion for cars while also making an independent income.

Make Money Washing Cars

Benefits of Owning a Car Detailing Business

The decision to start your own business can be a daunting one. To make it easier, you should evaluate the potential

benefits and determine if a car detailing business is a good fit for you.

• A car detailing business can be a very small operation or a large complex one depending on how much you want to

invest and if you want to work with others. You can even start such a business on your own.
• Car detailing is always in demand. Many people don’t know how to best clean a car or aren’t willing to go through the effort.

Make Money Washing Cars

They are much more willing to have someone else who does it well do it for them.
• You have the option of offering a variety of different packages to appeal to a wide audience and maximize your profits.
• Because it is your own efforts and service that you are selling you don’t necessarily have to worry about products and inventories.

Start-up Costs

Nearly all businesses have as part of their beginning certain start-up costs necessary to get going.

Being prepared for these means that starting your business will be smoother and quicker.

Make Money Washing Cars

• Unless you are planning on running your car detailing business from home, which is possible,

you will need a shop. The cost of this will depend on the size and location of the building you choose.
• Your shop must be outfitted for the needs of car detailing. This includes bays for the cars, vacuums,

hoses and drainage systems. You can either choose to renovate your building or use features already in place to minimize cost.
• An office, either at home or in-shop, equipped with a computer, filing area, telephone and scheduling

capabilities will help to organize and streamline your business operations. Most homes already have a

computer, but if you have the capital it is a wise investment to purchase one specifically for business use

as it will allow for greater organization and security of information.

Make Money Washing Cars

• Car detailing requires certain products that you must keep on hand. These include a variety of cleaning

products as well as rags, sales tickets, and paper goods.
• If you intend on having a waiting area with refreshments, you will need to purchase furniture, paper products,

a coffee machine, water cooler, or vending machine and the products to go inside of them.
• The only way to gain customers is to let people know you exist. Investing in advertising brings in business that

will build your customer base. One great form of advertising is maintaining a website for your business. The cost of this is from $3 to $12 per month.

Earning Potential

Make Money Washing Cars

Like any useful service, car detailing can be highly profitable if handled well. For most individuals this profit

is derived in to a supplemental income or « side cash » kind-of-job.

• Providing high-quality, reliable car detailing services will be the mainstay of your business. It will earn you money from

initial customers, repeat customers and referrals.
• If you have the talent you could also consider offering specialized services such as window tinting, decals and custom painting.
• Consider creating customizable packaging that includes mix-and-match services so customers

can get exactly what they want, increasing potential for hire.
• Set yourself apart from other car detailing businesses by establishing a signature service or feature.

This could be a special scent you leave in the car, a novelty item left on the dashboard, or especially wonderful refreshments

in your waiting area. This will bring happy customers and referrals.
• Don’t be afraid to do something entirely different. Consider opening a car detailing business directed at women,

or one that specializes in vintage cars. These audiences will appreciate the focus on their needs, and your income could see a boost from an untapped market.

Make Money Washing Cars

• Though it is not necessary, you could offer cleaning and maintenance products for sale in your shop.

They will allow customers to perform some simple maintenance on their vehicles and provide another avenue of income for you.

Car detailing is a service that is always needed. Every season brings new elements that cause dirty cars

and displeased owners. By starting a car detailing business you can help these owners have the

cars they want, while making money on your own terms with your own talents.


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