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Make Money With AnIce Cream Truck

Make Money With AnIce Cream Truck

Description: Ice cream trucks have been around for many years and kids love hearing them drive by. Open up your own and find profit in something delicious!

Ice cream trucks are a summer life icon, indicating with their cheerful music and tasty offerings that the carefree, lazy days of warmth and play are upon you.

These trucks remind people of their childhoods and they can’t wait to bring their own children to buy a frosty treat when they hear the truck coming.

Starting an ice cream truck business can be fulfilling and fun, as well as profitable.

Benefits of Owning an Ice Cream Truck Business

Make Money With AnIce Cream Truck

Every business comes with its on features and advantages. Evaluating these benefits can help you decide

if starting your own ice cream truck business is the right fit for you.

• An ice cream truck is generally a one-person operation. This means that you won’t need anyone else’s help and won’t have to consider

paying an employee when planning your budget.
• Ice cream trucks are nostalgic and evergreen. People love the taste and always will. This means you will always be able to find customers.
• The mobile nature of the food truck business means you can constantly move to find the customers, rather than just staying still waiting

for people to come to you. This maximizes profits and gives you the opportunity to work at private events.
• Tasty cold snacks make people happy (especially during the hot months). There is a certain level of joy that comes from seeing a

little child take their first bite of summer ice cream and knowing that you provided that to them.

Start-up Costs

Make Money With AnIce Cream Truck

Nearly all businesses, large or small, come with certain start-up costs. There is no exception with this one. Being adequately prepared

for these expenses during the planning process will make getting your ice cream truck business going smooth and pleasant.

• Obviously, you will need some sort of vehicle in which to have your business. Ice cream « trucks » can inhabit vans, scooters, push carts,

even golf carts. Choose a vehicle based on your budget and find the one that will get you the best quality for the lowest price.

This can mean purchasing a brand new truck or looking through the classifieds to find a used one. Cost for these vehicles can vary widely
• You will need a freezer to hold your products. This freezer must fit in your chosen vehicle and be large enough to hold a good quantity of product in order to ensure profit.

Make Money With AnIce Cream Truck

• You will need to obtain licensing and an inspection by the Health Department in order for your truck to be considered safe.
• Your vehicle will need signs and other decoration to show that it is an ice cream truck. These can come with pre-designed or

can be custom created for your personal business.
• Of course, to have an ice cream truck business you will need product to sell. When first starting out it is good to offer a

variety so you can see what people like and then lessen or expand depending on customer feedback.

Earning Potential

Because of their wide appeal and versatility, ice cream trucks can be very lucrative. If you know where to go, and how to sell, you

have the opportunity for large profits and a nice secondary or even sole income.

• The amount you earn obviously depends on how much you sell. This makes maintaining a full and varied inventory very important.

Make Money With AnIce Cream Truck

Consider talking to your first customers and having them suggest what products you should make sure you have.
• The mobility of an ice cream truck business makes finding customers much simpler than it is for stationary businesses. Driving through residential areas,

parks and school zones is a good start in finding interested people. Don’t go too quickly, though, or your potential customers won’t be able to get to you.
• Offer products at several price points to appeal to the greatest audience. Also offering some healthy options

such as fruit bars and frozen yogurt will increase sales to adults.
• Consider offering some non-ice cream snacks as well. Drinks, chips, snack cakes and candy will appeal to people looking for

a little something but that are not necessarily interested in a cold treat.
• As another revenue building opportunity you can offer your services for private events. Instead of being paid per-item, your

Make Money With AnIce Cream Truck

client would pay you to be present at their event and provide ice cream.

With its nostalgic appeal and inherit happiness, an ice cream truck business can be a great opportunity for you to have you own

business while doing something fun and fulfilling while providing you money on the side at the same time. Its mobility offers

a large customer base and constant change so you won’t get bored. This type of business is ideal for a

secondary source of income but can also be a lucrative primary occupation.


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