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Sendiio Elite package

Sendiio Elite package

Get FASTER, Higher and more RELIABLE Delivery By Using OUR SMTP account, Seasoned IP Address and Powerful Servers To Send Your Campaigns…

What if you could bypass all the technical set up of setting up your SMTP, having to deal with settings in your cpanel and having to install snippets of code etc?

Setting up ALL the technical aspects inside of your account can be a REAL NIGHTMARE if you’re NOT tech savvy even though we walk you through every step of the process inside of the Sendiio members area.

Also, with the main account that you already purchased, we greatly recommend that you slowly warm up your account over time so that the IP address that you’ll be sending from doesn’t get blocked by the major Email Service Providers and prevents your emails from being delivered!


But what if you could bypass ALL of that?

What if you can login to Sendiio and start using it right away by leveraging our seasoned IP address and SMTP servers?
On this page you can access our Sendiio Elite package where you’ll be using OUR servers and SMTP details to send your campaigns – just like ALL the other major autoresponders like Aweber and Get Response!

All You Have To Do Is Literally


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