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Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Description: Many people earn money every day taking surveys online. They’re not time consuming and can provide a great supplement to your income.

What is that saying about everybody having an opinion? Well, if that is true, and you don’t mind sharing yours about things

you already do and use every day, you have the opportunity to make money online taking surveys.

This can give you the opportunity to work

a flexible schedule and earn a supplementary, or even primary, income quickly.

Benefits of Making Money Taking Surveys

• You take these surveys completely on your own with no deadlines

Make Money Taking Online Surveys


pressing down on you, or bosses to answer to each day.
• Sites offering pay for taking surveys have plenty to go around so you will have as much work as you can handle. You decide how much

you want to work and when so you can make however much money you need.
• Because it is totally customizable, you have the opportunity to add this job to an existing profession to make an additional income.

You can make a noticeable amount of extra money working only part-time hours.
• You are taking surveys about things you already know and understand so it is not difficult work.
• Along the same lines, you get to choose the surveys you take so you don’t get stuck with boring or unpleasant topics.

• There is always chance for growth. You will get faster at taking the surveys, and the more you do, the higher paying the surveys offered to you become.

Start-up Costs

Unlike most businesses, making money taking surveys has no start-up cost for the average user. There are some requirements, however.

• You will need a computer with internet capability in order to access the surveys.

Most homes already have a computer so this is not a start-up expenditure.
• The surveys are only available online so you must have reliable internet services.
• Some pay-for-surveys sites offer some of their opportunities only to paying members. In exchange for a fee of varying amounts,

you will be given access to more exclusive surveys and offers. This is not at all necessary; however, it can increase your income quickly.

Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Earning Potential

Self-motivated business opportunities have a dramatic range of earning potential. Taking surveys has the potential for being lucrative, if you put in the effort.

• Some surveys are very short and are, therefore, not paid much, while others are more complicated so carry with them bigger earnings.

By mixing these you can maximize your profits and make the best use of your time.
• Most of these sites also offer focus group opportunities. Focus groups are paid hourly and can help

with things such as product development, advertising and testing.
• Because these companies want as many workers as possible, many sites offering pay for surveys have referral programs.

If you promote the site and have others sign up using you as their referral, you earn a commission.

Make Money Taking Online Surveys
• As you grow more comfortable taking surveys, your speed will increase which means you will be able to take

more surveys thus allowing you to make more money on the side every day.

Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Voicing your opinion about products and services is something you probably do every day. You might as well get paid for it.

By taking surveys you help companies refine their products, develop new ones, and appeal to a larger audience.

You can also earn yourself a substantial income, which is a fabulous incentive.

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Make Money selling items Online

Make Money selling items Online

Make Money selling items Online

It is so easy to make money online, all you need to do is start selling things at online auctions.

One of the best, and simplest, ways to start a Wahm business online is to become a seller on one of the several online auction sites.

Ebay is the most popular, and most widely recognized. However, sellers are also having success on Yahoo auctions, Overstock auctions and many others.

Being an online auction seller has many benefits for a Wahm. You can run your business from your home.

You can set up auctions to automatically list at certain times of the day, so you don’t always have to be at the computer.

Plus, there is guaranteed traffic to the auction website which makes it simple to get new customers.

Before you start an online auction business you should decide whether or not you have the skills or willingness to do so. Although there is

a lot of money to be made in auctions, there are also a lot of challenges. As a successful auction Wahm, you need to have

Make Money selling items Online

the tenacity to try different things to increase you sales. You must also have knowledge of what the market wants so you can provide

in demand products that will sell. Money management is a must, since selling on an auction is typically a home-based business.

You will be in charge of the finances of the business and need to be responsible for keeping your business and personal finances separate.

Online auction businesses are very simple to start. To start an ebay business, for example, all you need is a registered account with ebay,

and a paypal account. The ebay account will allow you to perform transactions on their website. The paypal account will allow you to accept payment

for items that you sell, as well as pay for the ebay fees. Although you can technically take payments through check or money order,

using paypal makes the process a whole lot faster and more enjoyable for your customers.

Make Money selling items Online

The fees involved with running an ebay business are minimal compared to having your own store on a separate website. While hosting for a

website can cost upwards of $20 per month, ebay only charges you a small percentage of the items that you sell. There are also some other

minimal fees involved, and most sellers work those fees into their listing price.

Before you decide to sell on an auction site as a business, try a buying from the auction site first. Understand the process from the buyer’s point of view. T

ake note of how you are treated by the seller and ask yourself what you would do differently. Buying before selling is also a good method because you can build feedback

Make Money selling items Online

in the auction site system. Feedback is left whether you buy or sell, so building some feedback as a buyer is a good idea. A positive feedback record will make you more appealing as a seller.

Finding items to sell is the biggest perceived problem with selling on auction sites. However, you can start with items from around your home.

Look in your closets and in your garage for items that can be sold on the auction sites. You will be surprised by what people will buy.

Selling from around your home will give you experience with the selling process and will build positive selling feedback.

Familiarize yourself with the auction process before you begin selling. Make sure you start selling online slowly so you can get confident selling through auctions online.


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Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Description: A vending machine business can provide residual income for generations to come.

It’s very profitable and has been a viable business for many years.

Everyone knows the appeal of a vending machine. Somehow, even if you aren’t hungry,

you will find yourself drawn to that row of brightly-lit machines full of snacks and drinks.

They are a mainstay for long car trips and in hospital waiting areas. Even schools use them to earn extra money.

Because of their massive popularity, starting a vending machine business can be a great choice if you are looking for an independent career or second income.

Benefits of Owning a Vending Machine Business

• This type of business offers largely passive earning. Other than when you install machines and do your routes to fill them,

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

you are earning money without directly doing anything.
• Vending machines come in a huge variety of sizes and types which means there is one that you will really want to have for your business.
• Vending machines have mass appeal. Most large grocery and even retail stores have at least one

for public use, and several for employee use and nearly all hospitals, schools and other places

with heavy traffic or long waits have banks of vending machines.
• You can constantly change what you offer in your machine to appeal to the largest group of people possible.

If you try something and it doesn’t sell, you just replace it on your next route with something else.

Start-up Costs

When considering starting a business it is important to take into consideration start-up costs. These will impact your budget for

the first several months of operation and are necessary to get yourself going.

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

• There are a huge number of vending machines to choose from. You can select gumball machines, toy machines, sticker and novelty

machines, or the ever popular food and drink machines. The prices of these vary greatly.
• A gumball machine can be purchased for under $200 while a combination food/drink machine can cost over $6,000.
• A home office equipped with a computer, filing area, telephone and scheduling capabilities will help to organize and streamline your

business operations. Most homes already have a computer, but if you have the capital it is a wise investment to purchase one specifically

for business use as it will allow for greater organization and security of information.
• You will need product to fill your machines. These can be purchased independently or through vendors. Take into consideration

the payments accepted by the machine to determine how much you can charge for each item and how much profit you will make for each.
• You will need a vehicle that you can use to deliver the machinery. A van or service truck is best, as it will keep the vending machines protected and secure.
• Advertising your services is a great way to increase your customer base. You can invest in fliers, signs and newspaper advertisements.

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Earning Potential

A small business in the food industry can prove highly lucrative if you know the avenues to follow to achieve success.

On a small scale you can create an income on the side or on a large scale, create a long-lasting, full-time business.

• The amount you make depends on what type of vending machine you choose to have and where you place it. Research the machines

available to determine how much of an investment you are willing to make in order to increase future profits.
• Initial profits will be lower than those later in your business. You must first recoup your start-up costs but then the profits will increase because you

are only making up for the initial product cost when determining profit margin.
• Finding the best location for your vending machine can be hard work but it is crucial to the success of your business. Utilize friends,

family and other connections and make a plan as to where you would like to place machines.
• When placing your machines in another person’s business you must be prepared to offer the owner a portion of your sales in exchange for the opportunity.

Make Money Owning Vending Machines

Offering a percentage is wiser than a flat fee because you do not know how profitable your machine will be initially and you don’t want to have to

hand over all of your profits if the machine isn’t successful immediately.
• Because of the variety of machines available you can diversify your business, maximizing your profits by appealing to specific audiences depending on location.

Vending machines are very popular institutions in places where people are forced to wait long periods or just where large numbers of people

pass and are inclined to purchase a snack, drink or toy on impulse. Starting a vending machine business can give you the opportunity to have

an independent business and strong source of income that you can control and modify to fit your needs.

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Make Money Owning A Restaurant

Make Money Owning A Restaurant

Description: Before opening up a restaurant, you might want to look over our information on start-up costs,

earning potential, and an overview of the industry.

Owning a business is the dream of many people. An independent streak and the desire to be self-sufficient rather than answering to somebody else often

drives people to start their own business, with restaurants being a top choice. While a love of food and great hospitality are a

start in this industry, there are other aspects to take into consideration when thinking about opening your first restaurant.

Benefits of Owning A Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is about more than menu plans. It requires forethought into many areas to establish and run

a successful business in the food industry.

Make Money Owning A Restaurant

• The first decision that must be made is the type of food and atmosphere you desire for your restaurant.

This decision will impact all others. Choosing between casual and fine dining, family and bar, ethnic and home-cooking

are examples of narrowing your scope to your specific type of restaurant.
• You must choose a location that will support the type of restaurant you wish to open. This means evaluating the type of people in the area,

the population density, and the restaurant saturation of the area.
• The size of staff you will need will depend on the type and size of restaurants. Your staff may include several chefs and/or line cooks,

pastry chefs, dish workers, bus workers, waitstaff, host staff, management, bartenders and janitorial staff.
• A realistic budget must include projections for all salaries and wages, product cost, utilities, renovations, decor, equipment cost and legal fees,

as well as a portion set aside for incidentals not foreseen in the planning process.

Make Money Owning A Restaurant

Start-up Costs

Beginning any business has costs associated with the initial start-up. These are generally one-time expenditures that prepare the business to actually function.

• Acquiring a building is the probably the first cost you will encounter. The amount of this expense will cover

a large range depending on the location, size and accessibility.
• Construction costs can accrue when the building you choose is not ready to house a restaurant. These may be for renovation,

decoration and safety measures. The average start-up construction cost is between 49 and 280 thousand dollars,

depending on the finished size of the restaurant.
• Besides massive construction, the largest expense of opening a restaurant is the most obvious, the kitchen and bar equipment.

Make Money Owning A Restaurant

This is comprised of ovens, ranges, preparation surfaces, refrigerators, freezers, dry storage, washing areas and numerous other elements needed

for the preparation and presentation of food and beverages. Though these costs can vary wildly depending on the type of cooking that will be done in

your restaurant, the average cost of establishing your kitchen and bar is between 30 and 115 thousand dollars.
• Smaller expenses associated with starting a restaurant include legal costs, licensure, inspections, food and beverage costs and initial

payments for any professionals you may enlist as advisers or guests to help get your kitchen moving.

Earning Potential

Make Money Owning A Restaurant

Though you should be realistic, the potential for sustainable income with a successful restaurant is huge. For investors and those with great

disposable income, this could be a « fun » way to earn money on the side, but for most individuals, it’d be a full-time career and potentially even turn

in to a chain. Several factors can contribute to your revenue, but they should be considered carefully as some may not fit in with the overall theme and effect of your future restaurant.

• Offering catering services provides the opportunity to make money without filling your seats. Providing food

for small or large events not only earns you the fee for that event but exposes

you to others that may become customers in the future.
• Just when it seems like everything has been done in the food industry, something new and incredible breaks

onto the scene. Being that something can work to your advantage by increasing interest and luring in customers by curiosity alone,

then securing their loyalty with high-caliber food and service.
• For some very trendy restaurants, merchandising has become a secondary source of income. Selling customized clothing, household

items and food products produces revenue and spreads awareness of your business.
• The average annual sales for a profitable restaurant is just under $1,200,000. This obviously varies depending on

the size and popularity of the restaurant.

Make Money Owning A Restaurant

When considering starting up a restaurant business it is important to remember that these endeavors sometimes take months to become

profitable. Factoring this into your starting budget, and ensuring that you will have the capital to keep the restaurant

going while it moves toward profitability it is crucial to the future success of your restaurant.

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Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Description: Opening up a pizza restaurant can be an extremely profitable business. Learn to read about the costs, earning potential, and other information.

It is a well-known fact that people love pizza. The average American alone eats an average of 23 pounds of pizza per year.

If you are considering taking advantage of this tried-and-true restaurant type, there are some considerations that

must be made and steps that must be taken in order to ensure success.

Benefits of Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

While it is like starting any other restaurant in many ways, opening a pizzeria has its own elements to plan and decisions to be made.

• In the very beginning you must decide whether you wish to open your own independent pizza shop or a franchise.

If you choose a franchise, most of the other considerations and planning elements will not apply as they will be taken care of by the parent company.
• Do you want to deliver, offer only carry-out, have a dining room, or a combination of all three?

Most people love the simple luxury and convenience of being able to call in and have a pizza delivered to them,

but offering other options can appeal to a wider audience.
• Are you going to be pizza-only or will you offer a fuller menu? A very limited restaurant has little room for growth and will not appeal to some people.

By offering a selection of other items such as stromboli, pasta, salads and desserts,

you are widening your potential customer base and increasing potential for revenue.
• Which is more important to you, quality or speed? It is not a secret that some pizza companies forgo authentic

flavor in favor of a quick turnaround. You must decide if you want to offer more elevated pizza or fast-food type pizza.

This will factor in to your start-up and monthly costs as well as your customer appeal.

Start-Up Costs

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

Every business has costs associated with opening. By being properly prepared for these, you can ensure a

smoother first several months and be more likely to enjoy success sooner.

• A location for your restaurant will be one of the first expenses in opening a pizzeria. The cost for this will depend

on where it is, the accessibility and population density among other factors. Once you have chosen your building you may need to

invest in renovation and decor to create the right atmosphere.
• Equipment costs to start a pizza restaurant include pizza ovens, kitchen utensils, refrigeration units, dish washing areas,

and serving ware among others. The cost of this can range between 30 and 150 thousand dollars depending

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

on the size and complexity of your restaurant.
• Food costs can fluctuate dramatically which is why forming a relationship with a food supplier as early on as possible

will be highly beneficial. This will allow you to lock in current pricing on foods such as cheese, flour and produce so that your

profit margin doesn’t suffer when these products increase in price.
• Smaller expenses that need to be considered when opening a pizzeria are legal and licensure fees, advertising,

menu and other paper good printing, and delivery vehicle insignia.

Earning Potential

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

As has already been established, people love pizza, so with a well-implemented business plan, you have

the opportunity to develop a substantial income with your own pizzeria. For investors, it could also pose as an excellent

way to make income on the side with recurring percentages of profit.

• Using high quality ingredients will produce the best product, which will equate to customer loyalty and increased profits.
• Offering discounts can draw in new customers, but when they are used too often and for too long they can dilute your brand name and drastically

reduce your bottom line. Use coupons and promotions cautiously.
• Trying different menu options and formats, such as a lunch buffet, or a carry-out only menu can increase sales and streamline the function of the restaurant,

equating less work and higher revenue, a good balance for a business owner.

Make Money Owning A Pizza Restaurant

• Creating a fun environment for your business can give a boost to income. Offering video games, air hockey

or other forms of paid entertainment give customers another reason to come in, a reason to stay longer,

and another avenue of revenue for your restaurant.

Opening a pizzeria can genuinely be a dream come true if it is well-planned and well-executed.

Making wise decisions and not taking for granted to implied simplicity of a pizza parlor can ensure success and independence.

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Make Money Owning A Laundromat

Make Money Owning A Laundromat

Description: Opening laundromat businesses can provide a constant income stream and

a hefty one at that. Here are some tips and information on how to get started.

Starting a new business is a huge undertaking. It requires more than entrepreneurial spirit and the burning desire for success, though these

are a fantastic start. Establishing your own laundromat will take careful planning but by understanding the start-up and maintenance needs, you will be able to fulfill your dream of owning your own profitable business.

Make Money Owning A Laundromat

Benefits of Owning a Laundromat

Each business comes with its own set of advantages. Laundromats are no exception. If you are unsure if a

laundromat business is right for you, consider the potential benefits and determine if they would fit your desired lifestyle.

• A laundromat does not require a large workforce. To run smoothly, the business only need staff

capable of performing basic opening and closing responsibilities, keeping the facility clean, and assisting customers.

If you choose to have a drop-off option, these employees will also need to be able to wash, dry and fold laundry.
• This type of business basically runs itself. When you are not filling drop-off orders, the facility is simply there for customer use

, and unless there is a problem, you won’t really need to do anything.
• Owning a laundromat does not require maintaining an inventory or depending on sales. You are offering a necessary

service that is recession proof. People will always have clothes that need to be washed.
• Beyond offering the basic coin-laundry services, laundromats are highly customizable. You can add details such as a snack

Make Money Owning A Laundromat

bar or small sundry and grocery store, space permitting, that will entertain customers while their clothes are washing and drying,

offer another line of revenue, and set you apart from your competition.

Start-up Costs

Knowing how much capital you need to invest initially is the first step in preparing to start your business.

With any business that involves money coming in to your bank account, you must expect some to go out beforehand.

• Finding a building to house your laundromat is your first expense. You will need to consider either purchase

price and expenses or a deposit and first-month’s rent to a landlord. This amount will vary widely depending

on the area that you are starting in and the type of building you choose.
• Unless you are purchasing an already-established laundromat, you will incur construction costs associated with turning

Make Money Owning A Laundromat

a building into a laundromat. These include updating the electrical system, plumbing, and carpentry to build platforms and waiting areas.

You should expect to pay between 100 and 200 thousand dollars for these costs.
• Obviously, machinery will be an important start-up expense. For the average-sized laundromat, you will need a mix of approximately 75

washers and dryers. Depending on the specifications of the machines, including size, functionality and set-up, this machinery will require an

investment of between 200 and 250 thousand dollars.
• During start-up you will also encounter smaller costs that include licensure, legal fees and smaller equipment such as cleaning agents,

chairs, decorative elements and any entertainment you intend to provide.

Earning Potential

Make Money Owning A Laundromat

A viable laundromat business can produce several lines of revenue. This presents an opportunity for large earning potential, limited only

by your creativity and devotion to marketing and follow-through.

• Obviously your main line of revenue will be from the actual coin-operated machines. You must decide how much to charge for each

machine, with regards to things like dryer time and machine capacity, in order to produce a profit while still remaining affordable for customers.
• Many coin laundries utilize video games as a means of entertaining customers and increasing monthly earnings.
• The face of the laundromat is changing as owners move toward multifunctional facilities. Some laundromats are adding small restaurants,

snack bars and miniature convenience stores to their facilities. These give customers something to do while they are doing their laundry and give

more opportunity for money-making.

Make Money Owning A Laundromat

Laundromats are evergreen businesses. People will always have clothes, and as long as there are homes without included washers and dryers, and

people that do not want to do their own laundry, there will be a need for laundromats. Owning one of these businesses can mean

a substantial income and few working hours each week, increasing your quality of life both financially and

in terms of the amount of time you have for yourself and your family.


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Make Money Owning A Hot Dog Cart

Make Money Owning A Hot Dog Cart

Description: Interested in selling some delicious hot dogs from a cart at your local park, street corner, or a highly-trafficked area of town? Read these tips!

Hot dogs are one of those beloved foods people seem to never grow out of and constantly seek as a nostalgic, comforting meal or snack.

This makes starting a hot dog cart business a good choice for someone wanting a business with wide appeal and a high chance for success.

Benefits of Owning a Hot Dog Cart Business

• Owning a hot dog cart business requires little to no education, training or special skill. You need only be able to do some basic cooking, perform

simple addition and make change to perform the basic functions of the business.

• Though it can get lonely running a hot dog cart by yourself, it is not a business that needs more than

one person to operate. You will not need to answer to a boss or cooperate with other workers.
• The mobile nature of the hot dog cart means you can move to the customers rather than waiting for them to find you. You can

set up your cart in the same place consistently, move around during the day, or bring your cart to special events.

Make Money Owning A Hot Dog Cart

• Offering something like hot dogs is sure to create regular customers. This encourages a pleasant relationship which makes working much more fun.

• There is little risk for food borne illness related to hot dogs as they are sold already cooked. You would only

bring them to temperature before selling them. They are under much less scrutiny from health inspectors than other food

service opportunities, which presents much less hassle.
• You can offer other products that complement your « tasty dogs » and set you apart from other street vendors.

Start-up Costs

Starting a new business means being prepared for start-up costs and factoring these into your budget.

• To start the business you will obviously need a cart. These can be purchased new for around $2,000 or from a retiring hot dog vendor

for around $600. You should ensure the cart is in good condition and functioning properly before you purchase it or your investment may be wasted.
• Being a street vendor in most cities requires special permits and licenses that will have their own fees. These are not high but are necessary for you to start.

Make Money Owning A Hot Dog Cart

• You will also need a regular business license to legal sell your wares to the public. This registers you

as a legitimate business and protects both you and your customers.
• Of course, you will need product to sell. This includes hot dogs, buns, condiments, drinks, chips and paper goods.
• Advertising is an important way to build your customer base. This can include newspaper spots, signs and fliers.

Earning Potential

A small business in the food industry can prove highly lucrative if you know the avenues to follow to achieve success which for

most would mean creating an alternative revenue stream or a means to increase their annual income.

• The amount you earn obviously depends on how much you sell. Making sure you park your cart where there is

heavy foot traffic ensures good sales.
• The places where you can set up your cart are nearly limitless. You can go to fairs and festivals, set up on street

corners and in parking lots, or walk around parks.
• To increase your potential for income, you can consider hiring yourself out for special events. Instead of earning

on a per-sale basis you would be hired by a client to come to an event and provide hot dogs for attendees.
• Keeping your prices low and offering high-quality products with good service makes you an appealing option for a quick meal

or snack. Finding areas that have large numbers of professional people looking for somewhere to have lunch,

Make Money Owning A Hot Dog Cart

or college campuses full of hungry students can bolster your income quickly.

A hot dog cart is truly an entrepreneur’s dream. From very little you can create an entirely self-sufficient

business that can act as a supplemental income or an independent living. Hot dogs are popular and inexpensive,

making them an ideal product for a small business owner.

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Une éducatrice professionnelle va vous aider à éduquer votre chiot ou votre chien…

Voulez vous que son chien soit bien éduqué et se comporte adéquatement avec vos proches, les autres chiens et obéisse à toutes les règles… même en votre absence ?

Si vous voulez éduquer votre chien ou votre chiot, vous êtes sur le bon site internet:

Vous êtes sur le point de découvrir comment des milliers de personnes ont éduqué leurs chiens et se sont débarrassés de leurs mauvaises habitudes en l’espace de quelques semaines.

Avec les techniques que je suis sur le point de vous révéler, votre chien va devenir bien élevé.


Je m’appelle Caroline Lange. Je suis éducatrice professionnelle canin habitant la région de Lyon, titulaire du « Brevet Professionnel d’Éducateur Canin. »

Cela fait aujourd’hui quatorze ans que j’éduque les chiens de toute race et tout âge.

J’ai essayé de comptabiliser combien de propriétaires de chiens j’ai aidé dans ma vie, et c’est bien au-delà de 3000 !

Vous pouvez me faire confiance quand je vous dis que:

  • Votre chiot ou votre chien adulte peuvent être Dresessés – sans aucun problème
  • Vous pouvez éduquer votre chien en seulement 15 minutes par jour
  • Vous serez capable de vous débarrasser des mauvaises habitudes de votre chien en moins de 2 semaines

Je peux vous aider à éduquer votre chien

Avec mes conseils vous serez en mesure de surmonter rapidement  les problèmes les plus difficiles de l’éducation canine, même si votre chien:

  • Fait ses besoins dans la maison
  • Aboi et gémis sans raisons
  • Montre les dents, pince ou grogne 
  • Saute sur les personnes
  • À peur des inconnus et des nouveaux objets
  • Réclame constamment de la nourriture à table
  • Tire sur sa laisse pendant ses promenades
  • Poursuit de petits animaux ou des enfants
  • Refuse de « revenir » à l’appel
  • Ignore des ordres de base tels qu’assis
  • Détruit, mastique ou creuse
  • Souffre d’anxiété sévère liée à la séparation



Bonjour Caroline, Notre épagnole, Jasmine, est une adorable petite chienne qui aime tout le monde et qui fait la fête à toutes les personnes qu’elle rencontre en sautant dessus.

En suivant les instructions indiquées dans votre livre, nous avons pu être en mesure de contrôler ses sauts en moins de 2 semaines.

— Sandra Petit
Carnols, France

Vous pouvez éduquez votre chien en moins de 15 minutes par jour !

Après avoir éduqué des milliers de chiens au cours des 14 dernières années, j’ai appris les techniques qui fonctionnent et lesquelles sont les plus efficaces.

L’éducation canine ne doit pas devenir une corvée! 

C’est pourquoi, ma méthode ne prend que 15 minutes pas jours. Tout le monde peut trouver un quart d’heure par jour pour éduquer son meilleur ami.

J’ai regroupé toutes mes connaissances en rédigeant un guide simple qui vous permettra d’éduquer votre chien vous-mêmes.

En suivant mes conseils et mes techniques, vous allez être capable d’obtenir de votre chien qu’il soit obéissant en moins de 2 semaines… et cela ne prend que 15 minutes par jour!

J’ai regroupé mes connaissances en rédigeant un eBook (un livre électronique) que j’ai intitulé mon eBook: « Dressez Votre Chien en 15 Minutes par Jour« .

Présentation de mon livre:
Dressez votre chien
en 15 minutes par jour
Couverture du livre d'éducation de chien

Découvrez le système d’éducation de chiens le plus facile et le plus efficace, disponible actuellement sur Internet.

Mon guide prend la forme d’un livre électronique de plus de 340 pages, facile à suivre, qui vous apprend à peu prés tout ce que j’ai rencontré en tant qu’éducateur   canin durant mes quatorze années de pratique.

En suivant simplement les instructions indiquées dans mon livre, vous serez en mesure d’éduquer votre chien vous-même !

livre éducation canine

Vous aurez tous les exercicestrucs et astuces basés sur mon approche directe et simple qui se base sur la récompense.

Vous allez voir à quel point il est simple, rapide et facile d’éduquer votre chiot ou votre chien adultes, en utilisant les mêmes méthodes d’éducation que les pros utilisent.

C’est comme si j’étais là, à côté de vous.

Avec des centaines de photos, vous serer guidé étape par étape, et en rien de temps vous vous serez capable d’éduquer efficacement votre chien.

Avec ma méthode vous allez pouvoir:

  • Lui apprendre d’arrêter de se battre et empêcher à que cela se reproduise.
  • Lui apprendre à devenir docile grâce à 6 stratégies efficaces.  Aucun cas n’est impossible à résoudre.
  • Lui apprendre comment lui faire comprendre ce que vous voulez. Cela éliminera la frustration et augmentera rapidement la vitesse d’apprentissage de votre chien.
  • Lui apprendre d’arrêter de tirer sur sa laisse. Découvrez comment arrêter ce comportement en dix minutes ou moins avec ma technique infaillible.
  • Lui apprendre de ne plus sortir à toute allure. Il existe une technique simple pour ne plus vous préoccuper de cela à  nouveau.
  • Lui apprendre d’arrêter de sauter. Apprenez six techniques simples pour le faire cesser de vous sauter dessus !
  • L’arrêter d’aboyer sans raison. Appliquez ces techniques avancées afin que votre chien sache quand et où il est approprié d’aboyer.
  • Lui apprendre n’importe quel ordre. Je couvre en détail spécifiques avec photos, de nombreux ordres tels que: Oui et Non, Au pied (Rappel), Pas bougé et Partir, Assis, Assis et Pas Bougé, Couché, Talon, Chercher, Se tenir, Mendier de la nourriture, Effort, Attraper de la nourriture, Grimper à l’échelle, Serrer la main, Explorer, Sauter, Rejouer et bien plus encore!
  • Lui apprendre à arrêter de manger les excréments.  Le terme technique pour cela est coprophagie. J’ai un exercice simple pour d’arrêter ce comportement écœurant!
  • Évitez qu’il morde ou montre les dents. Résolvez ces problèmes de comportement une fois pour toutes avec mes techniques super efficaces.
  • Et bien plus, plus encore… 
les chien et l'éducation

Je vous promets que vous allez remarquerez des changements positif dans le comportement de votre chien au bout de seulement quelques jours. 

Vous n’aurez pas besoin de rendre visite à un « éducateur de chiens professionnel » onéreux. Tout ce que vous avez besoin de savoir se trouve ici dans cette méthode.

En un mot, je vais vous apprendre comment éduquer votre chien comme un éducateur professionnel le ferait.

Vous serez capable de résoudre n’importe quel problème spécifique que vous pouvez rencontrer avec votre chien.

Certains de mes anciens clients ont baptisé mon guide l’encyclopédie de l’éducation des chiens.

Mes Techniques ont prouvé leur efficacité
– et elles marcheront pour vous !

Mon eBook n’est pas seulement une collection de conseils; Il s’agit d’un guide unique pour éduquer votre chien, un guide rédigé par un professionnel.

Cela fait plus de 14 ans que je l’améliore.

Toutefois, il serait injuste de s’attendre à ce que vous comptiez seulement sur mes paroles. Regardez ce que quelques autres personnes ont dit sur ma méthode.


J’ai acheté votre guide sur le dressage des chiens après avoir acheté mon second chiot âgé de 7 semaines.

Mon premier chiot, un mâle de 14 mois était un peu agressif avec elle.

Maintenant mes chiots mangent ensemble, se reposent ensemble et jouent ensemble de façon très heureuse. Je le recommanderai à ceux qui prennent soin de leur animal.

— C. Rotrey
Montreux, Suisse



Bonjour Caroline, je voulais juste vous dire à quel point je suis reconnaissant d’avoir trouvé votre site internet et commandé votre livre.

Je suis tellement soulagée de dire à tout le monde que je dispose maintenant d’un programme qui marche et en moins de deux semaines mon toutou se comporte bien mieux.

— R. Sauvons
Courchevel, France



Bonjour, J’ai acheté votre méthode en ligne car j’ai un gros chien de garde, et elle était très agressive avec les étrangers de notre maison.

Je savais qu’elle pouvait être dressée, car sa mère n’était pas agressive. J’ai pris plusieurs bons conseils de votre livre ainsi que sur la façon de corriger son comportement.

Cela a fonctionné et elle est maintenant beaucoup mieux. Je suis très heureuse et satisfaite d’avoir acheté le livre. Un grand merci pour ce que vous faites

— J. Debussy
Rouen, France

Pas Encore Convaincu ?

Recevez une copie du livre dans les
5 prochaines minutes…

Mon livre st disponible en téléchargement instantané en format électronique (eBook)

En seulement quelques minutes, vous découvrirez à quel point il est simple d’éduquer votre chien avec ma méthode.

Le téléchargement instantané:
C’est facile et pratique !

pdfAprès la confirmation de votre achat, vous serez redirigé vers une page de téléchargement qui vous expliquera étape par étape comment télécharger le livre.

Le livre électronique est en format PDF ; il est compatible avec n’importe quel appareil: ordinateur (PC, MAC) , tablette (iPad, Android) et téléphone intelligent. (iPhone, Samsung etc…). Vous pouvez aussi bien entendu imprimer le livre facilement.

Grâce au téléchargement instantané, vous profitez des avantages suivants :

  • Aucun frais d’expédition
  • Aucune attente
  • Aucun risque que votre livre ne soit perdu
  • Meilleur pour l’environnement

Combien coûte mon eBook ?

Vous vous demander combien coûte mon livre – après tout, avec un livre écrit par un éducateur professionnel ayant plus de 14 ans d’expérience doit certainement coûter cher?

Eh bien – je pense que vous allez être agréablement surpris – j’ai décidé de faire payer l’équivalent de ce que je facture généralement pour une heure de cours privé.

Avoir une copie de mon livre est en fait beaucoup mieux que d’assister à une leçon d’une heure. En possédant un exemplaire de mon livre électronique, vous avez réellement tout le matériel dont vous avez besoin pour éduquer votre chien, et vous recevrez en fait l’équivalent de plus de 50 heures de cours.

Commandez dès maintenant et recevez
une copie du livre instantanément


OUI! Je veux recevoir une copie de
“ Dressez votre chien
en 15 minutes par jour”

En moins de cinq minutes j’aurai accès au guide pratique avec les exercices et techniques me permettant d’éduquer mon chien.

  • Je veux télécharger mon eBook 


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Make Money Owning A Daycare

Make Money Owning A Daycare

Description: Great with kids and entrepreneurial? Ever consider opening a daycare business? Here’s information on start-up costs, earning potential, & more.

With the instance of two-income families increasing dramatically, the need for reliable daycares is also on the rise.

Families with both parents working, or single parent families, need a place where they will know there children are safe and well-cared for while they cannot be with them.

This can be a difficult decision for many families. By starting your own daycare

business you will not only be taking advantage of a big trend in income-increasing opportunities, but will also be offering a helpful option to these families.

Benefits of Owning a Daycare Business

Make Money Owning A Daycare

If you are considering starting a daycare business, it is unlikely that you are thinking just of money

. There are many other benefits to these ventures that will help you make your decision.

• A daycare is a great use of a degree in early childhood education or child psychology.

They allow you to make a difference in a child’s life every day.
• Running your own daycare means you will never have two identical days.

Children are fun and unpredictable and each new day will be a new adventure.
• Daycares offer a lot of freedom and flexibility. You can exercise your creativity in choosing activities,

field trips and lessons that will keep the children entertained and learning.
• Staring your own daycare business can be a fantastic alternative for people wanting to have a reliable source of income

but also do not want to leave their children. You can simply care for your children at the same time as all of the others.
• Daycares are highly customizable. You can start very small caring for children by yourself or go all out and begin a multi-person large daycare.

Start-up Costs

Make Money Owning A Daycare

• Unless you intend to run your daycare out of your own home, which is a viable option for those only wanting a small operation

or do not have a huge amount of capital to invest, you will need a location. The cost of this can range drastically depending on the size and location of the building.
• You will need the proper equipment to aide in caring for children. This depends

on the number and age of children for whom you intend on providing care. For babies and very young children you will need

changing tables, cribs and high chairs. For older children you may wish to invest in play equipment and nap mats.
• A daycare requires basic supplies for every day functioning. These include hygienic products, paper towels,

snacks, drinks, art supplies, toys, books and simple first aid supplies.
• The best way to let others know about your daycare is to advertise. This may mean taking out newspaper space,

posting signs and fliers, and having business cards printed.
• Unless you are going to run the entire daycare alone, you will need to hire employees. The pay for

Make Money Owning A Daycare

these employees for the first few weeks should be calculated into start-up costs so that you are prepared even if business starts slow.
• Daycares require licenses that can be acquired through the state in which you intend to run your daycare.

The fees for these are relatively small but are absolutely necessary to operate legally and safely.

Earning Potential

From the smallest operation done out of a private home, to large centers providing

care for several hundred children, daycares can be a very profitable business when run properly.

• The amount you earn will be based on the number of children you enroll and the fees you charge.

Ensuring that your rates are competitive will encourage parents to enroll their children in your daycare.
• The rate for childcare generally depends on the age of the child. A baby is more time-consuming and labor intensive to care for than

an elementary-aged child and therefore will have a higher rate for care. This means that whatever age

Make Money Owning A Daycare

you optimize your center for will also affect your income.
• Taking advantage of grants and small business loans offered by your state and private sources can help

you get started quicker and more easily. This means that your profits will come sooner and, once you pay back any loans,

you will be able to enjoy a steady income more quickly whether it be your main source or a means to earn money on the side.
• The amount you can charge for childcare also depends on the qualifications of the care professionals you employ. You can have higher

rates if you employ leaders with certifications or degrees.
• You can also charge higher rates depending on the involvement and level of activity you provide in your daycare. A very active

daycare that goes on field trips and offers many opportunities for children to learn and develop throughout

the day will be more expensive than one that is less involved.

Caring for children is an extremely important venture. Starting a daycare business

can not only be fulfilling and rewarding, but provide a good income for you and your family. This is an ideal venture for mothers

or grandmothers used to caring for children who want to earn extra money while still staying with their own children.

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Make-Money-Online-with-a-Yahoo Store

Make-Money-Online-with-a-Yahoo Store

Make Money Online with a Yahoo Store

Yahoo Stores make it easy to start an internet based business from the comfort of your own home.

Yahoo offers everything you need to start your business from the ground up by providing easy web design templates,

shopping carts, easy merchant service signups, and much more. Everything is at your finger tips waiting for you to start making money with your online store front.

Yahoo is the second most visited webpage in America and the most visited webpage in the world. When you build an ecommerce

website with Yahoo you are advertising your business to most of the world and be in front of millions. With yahoo you do not have to spend the time hunting down

customers to buy from you, instead the customers will be running to you for the items.

Yahoo stores can be very profitable but you must be responsible in your business transactions and maintain proper

business ethics to remain successful. Before you jump into your new business venture you need to have a

Make-Money-Online-with-a-Yahoo Store

detailed merchandising strategy to assure success. Merchandising is the way in which you promote

your products like how many items will be promoted on your front page and how they will be arranged on the page. Your home page is your store front; this page needs to be properly designed to give your new store a professional feel with easy navigation. Your home page receives the most visitors out of all of your pages.

Your customers have to go to this page first and you need them to want to look further into your store and get them to keep coming back.

Your home page is where you showcase all of your limited time offers, seasonal specials, and your most popular items.

Update your home page regularly to give your customers a fresh selection of items and to attract

more customers to your store. Updating your store regularly will keep your customers coming back to your store to see what is new or what’s

on sale to ensure repeat business. Creating a professional looking homepage for your Yahoo store is easy with Yahoo’s Wizard.

With the Wizard you can create your own webpage or you can create your webpage using any other programs like Dreamweaver and Front Page.

If you are uncomfortable building your webpage yourself, Yahoo also has professional web page designers

that will build you a custom web page with all of your specifications to utilize the full potential of your yahoo store. If you would prefer to have your own graphic webpage designer

build your webpage you can too. You are in control of your store and how it is promoted and displayed.

Make-Money-Online-with-a-Yahoo Store

There are many incentives that you can offer your customers to ensure repeat business.

Gift Certificates are a very positive way to get referrals and customer satisfaction. Gift certificates are like

pre paid checks that can only be redeemed or spent at your store. This is a great way to receive referrals. If a customer visits your yahoo store and sees an item

that they themselves may not be interested in but they know someone who is interested in this item they can purchase

a gift certificate through your store and give it as a gift to someone else. After purchase of a gift certificate the certificate

code is emailed to the customer and they can redeem this certificate while checking out at only your store.

Another great way for repeat business is collecting email

Make-Money-Online-with-a-Yahoo Store

addresses of your previous customers and providing them with newsletters, special offers,

discounts and coupons through emails. With Yahoo Stores you also have the option to capture email addresses as they are checking out

their newly purchased items. Yahoo’s GOT Campaigner is a perfect example of the valuable features offered with expanding your business through a Yahoo Store.

The GOT campaigner will help you grow your customer base while ensuring repeat business.

Make-Money-Online-with-a-Yahoo Store

Also offered with this program is the ROI measurer. The ROI or Return on Investment will measure the return on each

direct emailing campaign to find out what works for your company and what doesn’t. With everything that the yahoo

stores offer you can have your new ecommerce store up and running in no time at all.

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