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Description: Flea sales are fun both as a buyer and seller – but have you considered the huge earnings potential? This is one small business opportunity to not pass by.

If you have been looking for a way to earn extra money, or even replace your current income, but don’t want the enormous undertaking of starting an entirely new business, there is another option. A flea sale business is having a booth at flea markets and selling whatever you want to the thousands that flock to these enormous yard sale/ craft show combinations. If you have something to sell, whether it be a craft or art project, antiques, or collectibles, there is a buyer for them at a flea market.

Benefits of Owning a Flea Sale Business

Starting your own business can come with a lot of confusing and difficult decisions. These are fewer with the cooperative business of flea markets but a flea sale business still offers many potential benefits.

• Because many flea markets are only open on the weekends, having a booth at one is an ideal secondary job.
• Even those markets that are open other than just on the weekends generally offer flexibility regarding when you will be there so you can work when your schedule best allows it.
• A flea market brings in a huge variety of people, from the casual browsers to the very serious professional buyers and decorators. This means the chances of your offerings appealing to someone in the crowd are virtually 100%.
• Having a booth at a flea market is a low-maintenance, low-pressure way to sell your art or crafts. You will not be out on your own and aren’t responsible for advertising. The flea market itself will bring in the people.
• Some flea markets are very specialized and bring in shoppers ready to spend large amounts of money. If what you offer fits into these specifications, you have the opportunity to make a very good income.

Start-up Costs

Nearly all businesses incur start-up costs to some degree. With a flea sale business, these costs are minimized, but they do exist. With any business that can provide you with a full-time income or part-time side job, this should be expected.

• Flea markets charge a fee for you to have a booth. The fee may be for one day or for an entire season. Find out your options and pick the one that best fits your needs.
• Most flea markets offer vendors just the space for their booth. While some offer a table and chair, many do not. You will need tables and displays for your offerings and chairs to sit in throughout the day.
• When you first start your flea sale business you will need to produce a large quantity of whatever you have to offer so that there is plenty available for customers, but also so that your booth looks appealing and professional. These costs depend on what you offer and what they require to prepare.
• Some optional items that may help your flea sale business run smoother are a credit card machine or customer slips that allow you to record credit and debit card information, sales slips, special order forms and price tags..
• If you offer items that can be specially ordered, such as custom or personalized clothing, accessories or collectibles, a flea sale business can not only provide you immediate sales but special and repeat orders as well. To ensure your potential customers follow through with their desired orders, you can provide business cards or informational postcards. These can be printed quickly and inexpensively from several websites.

Earning Potential

A flea sale business has the potential for being a very nice secondary income. With dedication, it can even become your sole source of support.

• To ensure your earnings are maximized, avoid flea markets that are already saturated with your type of offerings. Unless you are selling vintage or antique items, you need to have some level of uniqueness to be interesting and successful.
• Keep your prices in line with any others that may be offering similar items. Price too high and customers will feel you are trying to cheat them, but price too low and they will get the impression that your items are not of high quality.
• If your offerings are of the type, make sure customers are aware that they can make special orders.
• Make sure everyone knows how often you will be at the flea market so they will be likely to come back and check what new offerings you have the next time you are there.
• A flea sale business is a great seasonal occupation for crafters and artists. If you create clothing, home decor, accessories or collectibles, a flea sale business is a fantastic way to take advantage of impending holiday seasons or special occasions.

Starting an independent small business can be an overwhelming prospect. A flea sale business is idea for anyone wanting to make additional money without having to get a traditional job but who does not want the large responsibility and potential hassle of an entirely new business. These markets give vendors an opportunity to reach huge numbers of people quickly and easily, almost ensuring great sales and potential future customers.