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Email Ramp


They said to make 6-7 figure income online every year, you need to build your email list.

…and since this is coming from people seen as experts, many newbies rush into building

their email lists…

Hoping to start earning bumper amounts from the list.

But guess what happens?

They end up earning almost zero income from the list.

And all their efforts, time and money invested in building the list is wasted.

If this is your experience too, don’t worry…

…we will reveal a secret to you, which “gurus” have kept hidden from you. …and if you learn and

take action on it, you can monetize your email list every time you mail.

« But What If I Don’t Have a List? »

Don’t worry.

We’ll show you how to go about it the right way, plus how to make thousands of dollars from

it every month, with just a 5 minute daily action.

We call this our “5 Minute Daily Blueprint” – more on that later!

So what’s this secret that “gurus” are hiding from you?

No doubt, building a list is very important if you want to make money consistently online.

But having the email list won’t make you money.

What will make you money is sending the right emails to your list.

In essence, the money is not in having a list, but in sending the right email to the list.

This is why you can see a marketer with 400 subscribers, making much more money

than a marketer with 5,000 subscribers.

The difference between the two is clearly in the type of emails they send.

While sending the right emails can make your subscribers open and read every

single word inside your email, and end up taking whatever action you want from them…

Sending the wrong emails will turn them off, making them to stop reading your emails,

mark you as spam or even unsubscribe from your list.

While sending the right emails can make your subscribers open and read every single

word inside your email, and end up taking whatever action you want from them…

Sending the wrong emails will turn them off, making them to stop reading your emails,

mark you as spam or even unsubscribe from your list.

How can you send the right emails that pull in massive sales?

It’s very simple:


You either devote some months to learn and practice master how to write emails that will

make your subscribers trust you and practically buy anything you recommend to them.

Or you can hire expert copywriters to write for you….of which this option which can send

you back by $250+ per email.

Yes, expert copywriters who know their onion and have a reputation for writing emails that

really convert and deliver high converting emails, charge that much.


Email Ramp enables you to write powerful, cash-pumping emails in 5 minutes

, even if you don’t know jack about copywriting.

It gives you access to 999+ engaging, and highly persuasive emails

you can just copy , paste to your autoresponder and send to your subscribers…

…and they will be eager to buy whatever you are promoting to them.

and guess what?

And we cover these niches:

Internet Marketing

Weight Loss

Beauty and Skin Care

Online Business Opportunities

Self-help and personal development

Parenting and Family


Alternative medicine


You see, these emails were written by our team of expert copywriters to help small marketers

and business owners like you, who can’t afford to pay us $250 per email.

Using our proprietary templates, these emails have been tested.

And we are only sharing our BEST converting emails with you.

With your access to Email Ramp…

  • You no longer need to waste time learning how to write powerful emails that convert
  • You won’t ever need to waste money hiring expert email copywriters again
  • There won’t be any need to buy any of those overpriced email swipes again
  • You get 999+ pre-written emails for less than 1 cent per email
  • You will start achieving very high open and click through rates on all the emails you send
  • You will start getting massive sales each time you send out emails to your subscribers
  • And if you promote product launches, you will easily appear on leaderboards and earn extra
  • prizes for bringing in the most sales

Here’s How Email Ramp Will Help

You Make Money

Access to over 999 proven-to-convert emails

Email Ramp is a software that gives you access to over 999 subscriber-bonding, cash-churning

and sales-generating emails that will double; triple or even quadruple your email marketing results.

Fully tested and proven to bring

massive sales

The copywriters behind these emails have written emails that brought in OVER $5M in sales for

themselves and their clients. And so, they understand what works and what doesn’t work when

it comes to writing marketing emails. Every email inside this software is proven to convert and pull in massive sales.

It’s super-easy to use

All you need to do is to select your niche and then the email type you want. You will then be greeted with hundreds

of emails you can use or swipe for that purpose.

Great for both newbies and veteran marketers

Even though Email Ramp was built with small business owners, marketers, product creators and copywriters in

mind, even as a veteran marketer, you will benefit immensely from this software.

Developed by A level copywriters

What you find inside Email Ramp are 100% brand new, unique and proven-to-convert emails written by our clique

of 6 and 7 figure email copywriters who are jointly responsible for millions of dollars in sales. So be rest assured

that whatever email you get from the software is bound to pull in results for you.

Save yourself money, time and energy

Email Ramp saves even the most experienced email copywriters a lot of time. No more hours and hours of staring

on a blank page thinking of what to write. Best of all, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars hiring email

copywriters or buying swipes that contain only few emails.

Get better results

Stand out from the huge competition and model the best guys out there, build your

brand faster, enhance your

marketplace position increase the credibility of your offer, sell more products to your email list and make more

money, because high quality emails sell!

Become recognized as a top email copywriter

Increase your freelance copywriting business profits because clients will be blown away at the quality of your work

and fast turnaround times. And yes, other copywriters will scratch their heads, not knowing of your magic

Nothing to install and works on any device:

This software runs on the cloud and so there’s absolutely nothing to install. Most importantly, it works on any device,

whether PC, tablet or phone. This means you can work from anywhere you are and from any device, as long

as you’re connected to the internet

Amazing Support

You see, we didn’t just build this software for you; we built it for ourselves too. We use it just like you’ll be using.

So you should expect that we will maintain it and keep it running endlessly, unlike many other cloud-based

software that packs up after one year or even less. We’re in this for the long haul and so expect and amazing support

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